The Mystery Box of Sanctuary is available until January 8, 2023.

The development team at Grinding Gear Games congratulates players of the Path of Exile RPG on the holiday and, as is tradition, presents everyone with the Mystery Box of Sanctuary. You can get it until January 8, 2023, by simply opening an in-game store. After that, it’s gonna show up in a micro-transaction chest.

In this gift, you can get various cosmetic items. If you have all the items in this Sanctuary box, you will be given two Mystery Boxes of the Glittering Forest instead. Note that this gift is only available to accounts created before December 25th.

By the way, a lot of players complain that they don’t get the Mystery Sanctuary box after doing the right things. That’s a problem the developers have already solved. They suggest a 24-hour wait. If you haven’t received your gift after that, you can contact support with the name of your Path of Exile account and two or three characters on it.