Overwatch 2’s “Battle for Olympus” will take place from January 5th to 19th.

The authors of Overwatch 2 reminded that the temporary event “Battle for Olympus” (or Battle for Olympus), related to ancient Greek myths, will soon start. For two weeks, several characters in the shooter will take on the role of godlike beings.

The Widow of Doom will become the Gorgon Medusa to turn her enemies to stone. The Queen of the Vultures will gain the power of the thunderbolt Zeus. Also in the trailer are Lucio, Reinhardt, Turbosvin, Farrar and the new Ramattra tank.

The Battle of Olympus will take place from January 5th to 19th. The mode will be open to all. According to Blizzard, the game will count the total number of kills committed on a particular character. The fighter with the highest score will be awarded a statue on the Ilios map. Gamers will also be able to earn “divine rewards”.

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