DSOG has published a list of the worst PC games to optimize for 2022.

DSOG is constantly testing games and their performance on release. Anyone who plays PC games knows that there are often various optimization problems, and titles have critical errors.

That’s why the site has published a list of the worst PC games to optimize for 2022. All the titles are written in random order.

The Witcher 3 is a nexgen update.

The team noted that the game had a nasty CPU optimization when it turned on ray tracing. It’s easier for users to roll back to an older version and put mods on the game to work better.

The Callisto Protocol.

The Callisto Protocol had a lot of problems when it was released, and they’ve been fixed, but ray tracing still puts a strain on even the most powerful processors.

Gotham Knights.

Gotham’s superhero game has exactly the same problems as the previous two: ray tracing and CPU overload.

Saints Row.

Saints Row has too many problems with the graphics component: its video card requirements don’t match the picture quality, and the mouse controls raise questions. However, often the problems have been corrected.


In short, the action requires 13 GB of video memory for 1080p ultra-textures.

The release also noted ELEX II, Destroy All Humans! 2, Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin, Syberia: The World Before and Dynasty Warriors 9 for their performance.

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