ZBT 3.4 will add two new skins to Genshin Impact.

Due to leaks, it is known that update 3.4 will add two new skins to Genshin Impact alternative appearances will be given to Lisa and Ayaka.

The ZBT 3.4 update has already started, but the skins in it were not included. One insider has already seen one of the new outfits and even tried to draw it. According to insiders, Lisa will be wearing a student outfit, and Ayaka will be wore a high school girl outfit. It’s about an alternative skin for the librarian Lisa.

This look is likely to be available for free as part of the main event. The dress for Ayaki will be sold for real money. The official announcement of the skins is expected to take place a few days before the patch is released.

In addition to skins, the 3.4 update will expand the world map (increase the desert), add new types of common enemies, a boss (sandworm), as well as two playable characters Al-Haytam (5 stars, one-handed sword, dendrons) and Yao Yao (4 stars, spear, dendrons). The patch will be released on January 18, 2023.

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