Dependent on complexity Collective Cooperative from the additions.

Dependent on complexity Collective Cooperative From the additions.
The most difficult.
The longest.

The platinum card .
The level of difficulty of the trophies: 5/10.
Offline trophies: 49 and 37, and 9, and 2, and 1).
The online trophies are: 0.
Estimated time of platinum acquisition: 25+.
Minimum number of passages to the platinum: 2.
The key trophies are M for Mystic .
Trophies that are easy to miss: Glory, Limit-breaking, Homecoming, Requiem, Cockroach, Trust Me Now? and the other three.

I recommend platinum for two passes. In theory, you can do it all in one run, but this will make the game very complicated due to the limitation to level twenty for the Limit-breaking trophy. Even at the minimum complexity, optional bosses can be a problem to pass.
The first race is to complete all the additional tasks, obtain the secret ending and collect the necessary collectibles. When the character’s level is 19-20 on the first pass, it is necessary to save it to a separate slot, it will be useful later. For the second pass , you must have only two trophies left: Limit-breaking (pass the game with a character not above 20 levels) and Dream (get the usual ending).

The plot.

These trophies are given to you as you progress through the game, no conditions are required.

Geared Up.
Get all the weapons.
♪ I’m the one who’s gonna kill you ♪.
Defeat the Devourer.
Cutthroat , the head slasher .
Defeat the Baraad.
The Last Bel Canto.
You have to defeat Eulalia.
Curiosity Killed The Cat.
You have to beat Harrison.
The Fall of the Martyrs.
Defeat the Colossus.
At the corner of the studio.
Get to the Laurel workshop.
Kindheart but twisted.
You have to beat Andreas.
Difficult position.
You have to beat Marble.
Is that so?
Defeat the Avatar of Titan.
Free At Last / The longed for freedom.
Defeat the Black Watch.
Gaze upon the stars.
Get to the Trinity event.
The Goldolive Phantom is a good one.
You have to beat Eumenes.
♪ I ‘m the one who ‘s dreaming ♪.
Look at the determination of Minerva.

Magic Adept is a magic adept .
Upgrade one boost to maximum.
Magic Master is.
Upgrade four boosters to maximum.
To pump all four stihias to the maximum, you will need to kill all additional bosses after Trinity Night.

Weapon adept.
Upgrade one weapon to maximum.
Weapon Master , you ‘re the one.
Upgrade three weapons to maximum.
You can only pump three weapons in one pass (there will be a limited number of 10-level pumping stones: 3 per run). You are guaranteed to find all three stones, provided you collect all the chests and carry out the rest of the trophies.

Limit-breaking or going over the limit.
Finish the game round with a level of 20 or below.
You’re being missed!
The objective is to complete the game without moving the character above 20 levels, and to do so, you must wear the Eye of the Abyss Amulet, which will block the experience. He’s in the safe house here.
If you made a 19-20 save in the first pass, you can load it up for the second run. The best thing to do is to keep the game as simple as possible. Only the final boss can cause trouble, so don’t forget to refill the potions before him. Please, everybody. You can redistribute and drop the pump in the game, but you can’t decrease the level, remember that.

Additional bosses and the triad test.

After a certain plot point, the “Night of the Trinity” will occur, at which point 9 additional (optional) bosses + 1 in the final location will appear in the world. These are enhanced versions of some special enemies and it’s better to be well prepared to battle them (high level (40+), good weapon-loading)

Grilled Tastes Better.
You have to defeat Miletus.
♪ I ‘m gonna be your friend ♪.
You have to beat Kavuras.
Jinx / The Eye.
Defeat the Doron.
Never Play With A Body.
You have to defeat Anagnos.
Lunacat , the night cat .
You have to beat Jaimes.
I ‘m not going to be able to do this .
You have to beat Seleuk.
You have to beat Vasily.
Can rocks breathe?
Defeat the Breathless.
♪ I ‘m not gonna let you down ♪.
You have to defeat Asterix.

Taming of the thunder.
You have to beat Palant.

Hardly A Challenge.
Pass all the tests of the Trinity.
You must defeat all ten optional bosses that have appeared since the onset of Trinity Night.

Extra tasks and a secret ending.

Cockroach , the cockroach .
Do the “Unsupportive Aristocrat” task.
You’re being missed!
Mission start: Arges market, the outer streets, the door opposite the teleport. You’ll be required to complete a series of searches for various items. Attention, trophy missed, this mission must be completed before you can proceed to your final location.

Homecoming / Coming home.
Complete the task of the Bion soldier badge.
You’re being missed!
Throughout the game, players must find nine soldier tokens and give them to Bion, then complete his additional quest.

I ‘m going to play a requiem .
Do the task of Otto’s last hope.
You’re being missed!
The extra “Missing Brothers” task must be completed in Styx, followed by the extra Otto task when he is in the sanctuary (closer to the finale). Attention, trophy missed, this mission must be completed before you can proceed to your final location.
The missing brothers.
To the west.

Yarn-playing Bigcat.
Gain the trust of Starlight.
There’s a little extra task to do at the Academy with the lion, and then he’ll show up at the shelter and you can swap items with him. Some of them are necessary for other missions and trophies.

– Trust me now?
Beat Bion in the final practice.
You’re being missed!
When you talk to Bion at the safe house, you have to agree to practice. Once you complete the three types of training, the final one will be available, where Bion will fight in full force. When you die in training, you don’t lose any dust. After being sent on a final mission, Bion leaves thesafe house and never returns, making the trophy unavailable.

Glory , Glory , Glory , what is it ?
Look at the selflessness of Minerva.
You’re being missed!
To get a secret ending, you have to do a series of actions throughout the game. You need to do at least 8 of the 10 backs (and preferably all of them) When a task is completed correctly, a special melody will be played, and a token will appear on the map table.

You can’t kill blacksmiths at the Academy, killing even one would violate the clause. They are not initially aggressive towards the player and only attack if they are hit. Also, you need to do the task of the Beta 8 blacksmith who sits next to the elevator. His quest must be completed before the boss’s battle, or he dies.
The quest.
After you talk to Beta 8, go to the barracks, to the projection room, get the amplifier and talk to the blacksmith. After the academy, talk to Roxana, she should mention that the blacksmiths are alive and well.

In Arges Square, it is necessary to finish the storyline of Narcisse in the sewers before continuing the main task with the court.
The quest.
You need to collect the No. 1-3 messages in the sewer and the “Strange Key” in the middle of the hill after the water has run off. Kill all the cult members and collect two pieces of evidence, then Narcisse has to say he’s going to the cult party. After that, you can go to Minerva’s.

Complete the Narcisse quest line at the Bazaar after the sewer investigation and the end of the trial. We need to talk to Bion first.
The right choices in conversation:.
– At the entrance to the party – “Encourage him to do it himself”.
– A woman asking about cultists – “Mention the Vulcan”.
– The arguing couple. – “Try to change the subject”.
– A lone man surrounded by harpies. – “Make it clear that his family is not safe”.
– The couple behind the entrance – “Convince them not to fund”.
After all the talking, go to Narcisse. After that, you talk to Roxana.

Meeting Eumynides in the flooded suburbs. In the dialogue with him, you must choose the option with the safety of Aphes (not Minerva).

In the Hunting Camp, in the location “Flooded Suburbs”, help Odysseus in his quest: collect insect eggs and kill the beast. But after that, you have to stop helping him, or he’ll die. Then talk to Bion, then go back to the Odyssey. He’s giving you his badge.

We need to complete the quest chain of the Sirens.
The first quest is to give out the rations. The bandit in the cabin near the entrance to the location and the hunter in the camp on the upper deck. When we talk to a bandit, we say that Andres will not come (we can not report his death), but to the hunter, we say that he is dead. The hunter will also need to bring 3 bottles of tempering.
The second quest is to meet all the nobles at the mansion in Argues Square.

Go through Styx and the Shining Depths. We must complete the entire chain of quests, including deciphering the stele and awakening Bellows, and agree to help Minerva.

Talk to Abellone in the mining village after Bellows awakens, she’ll give you the stone we attribute to Minerva.

The quest “The Underachieving Aristocrat” (the Cockroach trophy) must be completed in its entirety, and after receiving the prize, there is a small continuation of the quest.

10 of them. On the final mission, there will be another conversation with Eumenes, it is necessary to remind about his ambitions (the second option). Before you go on your final quest, make sure you have enough tokens on your map.


Skimming / Skimming.
Read 100 papers on the discovery.
Bookworm is a bookworm .
Read 250 papers on the discovery.
There are 265 documents in the game, many of which appear only during the execution of additional tasks. These include scrolls, wall inscriptions, plaques, and signs. All locations will be lit up at night, so it’ll be a little easier to find them.

Treasure Hunter.
Open 50 chests of treasure.
Treasure Raider / The Treasure Seekers.
Open all the treasure chests.
There are 112 chests in the game, not counting the mimics. Some will be very well hidden in unseen places. For ease of searching, I recommend using the video below.

Inspiration is the key .
Get all the notes together.
You’re being missed!
All you have to do is get eight notes/melodies from Marisa. For each of them you need something to inspire you. Most of the things are given as rewards for completing additional tasks. After you receive the item, you must speak to Marisa, and be advised that the trophy is a passing item.

You get the item after you ‘ve done the trophy .
All of Serena’s tasks must be completed, and the reward will be a necklace that we give to Marissa.
In flooded areas, you have to do a mini-task of a man at the temple (where one of the keys is found). We’ll get a pendant to give to Marissa as a reward.
The item you need is in the workshop at Laure’s house, in the study, in a small chest.
The song is given as a reward for defeating the boss of Bazaar (Ewlialia).
The key item is found in the death chambers at the Academy, after defeating the local boss.
We must exchange the sheet music with Starlight in the shelter (lion), after taking it to the poet near the Mansion of the House of Lavra, he will give us the memory crystal, which we give to Marisa.
In the Shining Depths, we must learn about the fate of Marisa’s parents.

M for Mystic.
Defeat all the Teumessos.
You’re being missed!
There are 23 Tiwmessa in the game. If you can’t or don’t kill it, after resting at the preservation point, the Tiwmes will reappear in its place. You have to defeat him before you kill the location boss, or he may die and never return to his location.

Firefighters / Firefighters.
Beat all the hell out of the drivers.
There are four Hell’s Angels in the game. You can only fight them after you’ve got ice. They’re strong opponents with a high rate of fire.

Licky / The saliva is flowing.
Defeat all the mimics.
There are 12 mimics in the game, all disguised as chests. If you try to open one of those chests, the facial creates a very big damage. To fight them, it is recommended to use electro-sticks. You can check whether the mimic is in front of you or the chest by aiming at the chest. If the sight turns red, we’ve got a facial, if not, we’re got a chest.

The Light!
Activate the bridge to the abyss.
The bridge to the abyss is on the bottom level of Styx, in the center. To activate it, you need to collect three power cores from the Academy, which are powered by the ballists, and then insert them into the altar. This portal opens an additional entrance to the Shining Depths.

Smithy / The golden hands.
Gather at least 20 possible trinkets.
Even though the trophy description says to collect at least 20 trinkets, we need to scrape them, not find them. You can get the recipes for the craft by killing mimics.

All roads lead to Aphes.
Activate all the conduits.
There are 45 teleportation points in the game . It’s not gonna be hard to find all of them, especially if you’re going platinum.

Bystander / listened to.
Gather all the echoes.
Of all the collectible trophies, this is the lightest. There are 60 echoes in the game, most of them are on the way or not very hidden, some are given to Minerva as a reward for the first missions, after which they must be seen by Roxana.