NCSOFT has posted a ten-minute video on its YouTube channel about the upcoming MMORPG Throne and Liberty.

NCSOFT has posted a ten-minute video on its YouTube channel about the upcoming MMORPG Throne and Liberty. In it, the developers repeated previously known information, as well as revealed more details and nuances of their product and demonstrated fresh footage of the game process.

“Throne” in the game’s title refers to the battles and competitions of the players. “Liberty” means the freedom to enjoy adventures in a dynamic game world. All of this brings together a place of action, a world of play, where there’s no racial prejudice, and the generation gap doesn’t mean anything. Each player writes their own adventure story and in the future they can share experiences and memories that are completely different from the experiences of other players.

As an example, the producer spoke about a dungeon that can be accessed directly from the main game zone. It has several floors, each of which represents a separate space that has been combined into a common area. If you wish, you can go directly to the lower floor to help or attack those who are already in the dungeon.

The game world is fully alive and adapts to the environment, whether it’s weather conditions or player actions. The surrounding terrain will change and feel differently depending on the circumstances, leading to intriguing events. Those players who understand the rules of this world and can also adapt to it will open up a variety of opportunities.

The environment is important for making small but important changes. They fill the world with a sense of life and add a little color to your gameplay. Predictable events such as the alternation of day and night will allow players to plan some events in advance. Changing weather and the appearance of strong wind gusts will require certain reactions and adaptations.

In Throne and Liberty, the developers decided to abandon the traditional character class system. This is accomplished by changing the character’s weapon. The Free Class system, which the developers are very proud of, will allow players to control the more subtle aspects of the fight at the micro level.

The main goal is to allow players to decide for themselves whether they want to participate in battles between themselves or not. Most of the territories in the game are safe zones. But with the advent of competitive content, like special events or boss raids, PvP is becoming available in certain places. Players can choose in advance whether they wish to participate or not. No matter what area the player is in, they can always check what events and competitions are scheduled and avoid open PvP territories if they wish. Battles last approximately 20 minutes, and participation in them will bring glory to players.

The tag can have two special items: the Blessing Stone and the Measuring Stone. Both stones together are called the Stones of Possession. With these, your guild will be able to expand its capabilities and acquire the raw materials it needs. To obtain these stones, your tag will have to engage in many battles with other tag. To defeat an enemy, you must understand the terrain and the location of the Possession Stones, calculating strategy and tactics.

The game will be released on PC and consoles and each version is developing its own interface. There will also be the ability to play on mobile devices through a streaming service.

Visually, the game promises to be vivid and detailed. They used the minimum of NPCs as an example. You can customize the appearance of the character based on real photos using a neural network. You can also change the appearance of the character after you create it.

The developers have dedicated a significant part of their work to optimizing the game we are talking about MMO. The team promises to make sure that TL runs as smoothly as possible. A unique mechanics of Memorial TL will be adjusted according to the player’s progress.

Throne and Liberty is scheduled for release in the first half of 2023 on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series.

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