The Game Awards 2022 was a big hit this year, as it was a public event, not an online event.

The Game Awards 2022 was also a big hit this year, as it was a public event, not an online event. The powerful rivalry between God of War: Ragnarok and Elden Ring for the title of the game has been put on the back burner for a couple of years.

Sonic Frontiers and Genshin Impact fought it out in the Voice of the Players category. In the first round, the blue jay began to gain momentum, in the second – broke through with a huge gap to the first place, and in the third – lost to the popular Chinese gacha. HoYoverse fans are starting to smell the money. They already got 1,600 stones last year, so there was a big chance they could get a couple of free spins for voting for the TGA. Sonic fans fought for an idea, for their favorite hero, but they lost that battle.

HoYoverse promised to give out only 800 of the source stones in four days. That’s where the chairs went up in flames for the Chinese game fans. The fire lights have been all over the internet. They were given as gifts for supporting the TGA and winning in one category. They felt that the gift was too modest. Many even regretted not voting for the blue hedgehog… but the source stones continue to receive! To be fair, isn’t the project worthy of an award if it has so many fans that they can easily change the course of such a vote?

FromSoftware gave not only the main prize, but also the “Best RPG” (the competition simply did not reach) Santa Monica and Sony took away 6 statuettes in different nominations. Jeff Keeley is always fair. The guy sneaks onto the stage with Miyazaki’s team. Everyone is happy, the presentation is almost over, but suddenly a strange guy who came on stage with Miyazaki’s team, walks up to the microphone, gets everyone’s attention and…

I want to dedicate this award to my Reformed Orthodox rabbi, Bill Clinton. Thank you all!

The prankster was later released and interviewed by Jason Schreier. It was 15-year-old Mataan Even, who wasn’t trying to make a political statement, but rather just a wild prank. Jeff Keeley was a little embarrassed, but I have to give him credit for ending the show with a smile. What do we have?

  • The assassin’s pattern is to get lost in the crowd. Mattan showed that stealth is possible in real life, so when the AI doesn’t see the main character in focus, it’s not a bug. Our live stream editors didn’t immediately understand what had happened, although the guy looked a little suspicious, but was very adept at hiding.
  • The kid, very smartly and very cleverly, joined the development team, patted them on the shoulders, cheered. Who knew it was all in Bill Clinton’s name?
  • The mention of Clinton is trending on Twitter.
  • The impression of the award was blurred. The developer’s holiday was ruined.
  • Security at events like this is likely to be increased in the future. Or at least instruct better, organize lists of people who can go on stage.
  • The guy’s famous for his wild, but creative, antics. The hype is flat. And even the memes came in packs. Some of them are ours!

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