Akitsu Kimodameshi is a new themed event in Genshin Impact.

Akitsu Kimodameshi is a new themed event in Genshin Impact, which can earn many East Stones, as well as other valuable prizes and awards. In this guide, we’ll show you how to pass the Test of Courage, as well as all the stages of the Fun and Overcome tests.

The event is open to all players who meet the following conditions:.

After that, the challenge journal will display the quest “Test of Courage”. I’m not sure I’m ready to go. Click “Trace”, then head to Narukami Island, to the Kamishato Mansion.

Talk to Ayato and leave his estate. Arataki Itto will meet you at the exit, listen to the guy. He’ll offer to take part in the Test of Courage, which will be held near the manor. Go get the marker on the map, talk to your buddy, then go to the Priestess.

She’ll point to three contestants who are standing nearby. Contact any of them to begin the test. We have chosen the Kamisato Ayato.

You must find the milk from the data by following the signs posted in the area.

There are three paths in all: two leading to the usual chests, and the third leading to the objective. Go down first, then turn right. Cross the creek and go behind the big tree. Here’s The first chest.

After that, you’ll go back to the trail and turn right. Go to the end of the path to find the second chest.

Go back to the three pointers again. Here, turn left and go up the hill to find the subject.

When the test is complete, talk to Arataki and help him scare people. Watch a long kat scene, then you’ll meet a strange woman. That will be the end of the mission.

The awards:.

This task will become available after you complete several Fun challenges and one Overcome challenge.

Return to the test site and approach the Priestess, then the Traveler will be addressed by Arataki. You’ll have to choose your partner again.

Now you need to follow the signs to find the fan. In this challenge, players will have four paths available: three with regular chests, and the third with a story object.

Run up the path, don’t turn around, and check The first chest.

Go back a little bit and turn to the creek. Without crossing it, turn right and go up the hill. There’s a second chest.

Go down to the creek and cross to the other side. There’s also a fork in the road to the left that leads to The last chest, and on the right you’ll find a fan.

When you pick up the story object, a long kat-scene will begin, at the end of which you will see the story of the samurai and the yakaya. Follow Akitsue Yuge to meet the strange woman again. She’ll accept the Traveler’s challenge, but she’ll win either way.

After you have another conversation with her, return to the Courage Trial site to talk to your friends and the Priestess. That’s how you’ll complete the mission.

The awards:.

All available tests are of two types:.

To receive all awards, you must pass both types of tests, as well as fulfill additional conditions.

Takti Yugei is a special bonus boost that you can set before each challenge. Two boosts are available in entertainment mode, and three in hardening mode. There are seven different bonuses in total:.

Players can, of course, experiment by selecting the best reinforcements for themselves. But we recommend you pay attention to the following bonuses:.

Relative expansion will allow you to make the platform wider, which will make the game easier.

With the elastic wall, you can easily complete the test in the hardening mode.

The duplicate collider creates additional balls, allowing for faster completion of the tests.

In different tests, you’ll encounter different types of blocks. Many of them correspond to a certain element. For example, the purple block is charged with the element Electro. A ball charged with the same element cannot destroy a block like that in one blow.

When any elemental heroes, Pirro, Hydro, Cryo, or Electro, are on the field, their element will be applied to the platform. That way, you can charge the ball with the appropriate element. So it doesn’t make sense to recruit characters from other elements.

To effectively destroy blocks in the arena, you need to constantly change characters. That way you can load the ball with the right element and deal with the blocks faster.

Also on the field, players will encounter empty blocks they are marked in light brown. The first time it hits a block like this, the ball will charge it with the element it has. For example, when a ball is hit with the Electro element, the empty block will turn purple.

Below we describe some of the available combinations of effects that you can use to quickly set up the scores in any test.

Detonating balls.

To create this effect, charge the ball with the element Electro or Pyro, and when it returns, change the character to charge it with detonation.

When the master ball hits the platform, the Overload reaction occurs, the Detonation effect is applied to the ball. If it hits the nearest block, it will detonate, damaging blocks within a short radius.

High-voltage balls.

You’re supposed to charge the ball with the element Electro or Hydro, and when it starts coming back, you switch the hero to the opposite.

When the master ball hits the platform, the “Charged” reaction occurs, and the “High Voltage” effect is applied to the ball. When it hits the block, it’ll have an electro-effect on a specific area.

In the place of the remote block, an electrical arc is generated that randomly damages the blocks in a certain area.

The balls are cold.

With this combination of elements, players can hold the ball on the platform for a few seconds. At this time, the platform can be moved. After the “Freeze” status time, the ball will be automatically released into the arena, but you can do this manually before the status time ends.

If a block is hit by a Master Ball and the Frozen reaction occurs, the Frozen effect is triggered: all blocks of the same type on the field are subject to the Freeze. If the ball hits one of these blocks again, it will destroy it and all the blocks frozen with it.

The hole.

When a ball hits a block, the Superconductor reaction is triggered, triggering the Blowing effect: when the ball hits the block, it does not bounce back, but continues to move along the same trajectory, destroying the blocks in its path. The effect stops when the master ball reaches the edge of the field.


If you direct a Hydro-powered ball into the fire block, you’ll get rid of a lot of similar blocks. The effect works the other way around.

The melting.

When the master ball hits the block, the “Meltdown” reaction is triggered, causing the “Damage” effect: the block is heavily damaged.

These tests are a little different from the Fun tests, although there are certainly a lot of similarities. For example, all the above effects and bonuses can be used here.

In addition to destroying the regular blocks, your task is to deal with the mini-bosses that appear in the arena at the beginning of the round. They’ll try to hide from the balls of the player by covering themselves with blocks of all kinds. There are three of these opponents to face, one at a time, in each challenge.

Before the tests start, read the advice and study the behaviour of the bosses. It’ll make it easier to take them out and get the rewards.

Kimodameshi tickets are a token currency that can be obtained by passing the tests and fulfilling additional requirements. The more of this currency you collect, the more useful items you can buy in the event store.

The goods in the event shop:.

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