Origami Paradise Landscape could be released as early as January 11.

Origami Paradise Landscape mobile clicker, which could be released as early as January 11, according to the App Store. The project is currently pre-registering on iOS and Android, and in late 2022 it will be running the ZBT via TapTap.

Origami Paradise Landscape lets you create your own tropical island paradise. Animals will coexist with each other, breeding and giving gold for further improvements. The developers added a quiet music in the background, but it’s repetitive. The most exciting thing is the origami style, just like in Paper Mario.

Origami Paradise Landscape will be an F2P project. Players will be expected to advertise and make in-game purchases. Every pet can be improved, and every local island can be decorated. Players have to find rare species of animals on the island, as they are hidden.

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