EverQuest has updated its New Year’s Eve event.

On the eve of the New Year, the developers of EverQuest decided to delight their players with an updated version of the in-game New Year’s Eve event.

In this event, players will team up with MC Tinkerton and Pizmip Noddletod on the Plane of Knowledge to stop the world-threatening Riot.

This year’s new addition is a memoir of Faume Reist’s travels in 2022, which players can participate in by heading to Froglock’s outpost in the Rate Mountains. Darkpaw advises watching for the colorful lights when visiting some of Reist’s favorite places.

EverQuest also comes with some in-game bonuses: a 50% bonus to the chance of finding rare items, as well as a 20% discount in the Shopping Center. The event will run until January 21, although sales will start on December 27 and last only until January 3.

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