Rockstar Games has published a card with a lot of grenades, casts and blades.

Or at least that the studio’s new game will be set in Miami.

Rockstar Games has congratulated fans of its games on New Year and Christmas: the developers published a card with a lot of grenades, casts and blades. Grand Theft Auto fans, known for their love of finding clues to new installments of the series, immediately went looking for and, of course, found something.

And here’s the story: GTA fans believe that the new racetrack may hint at GTA VI.

It is generally believed that the new Grand Theft Auto takes place in Vice City, a fictional city that was prototyped by Miami. Fans believe that the Rockstar card is a nod to the real Miami.

Notice the helicopter in the upper left of the image. The same helicopters, fans noted, are used by the Miami Police Department. This is a Eurocopter AS350 Ecureuil, with a large rear window. The LAPD, for example, has a different modification on their weapons.

The helicopter’s appearance, fans believe, once again confirms that the new game will show Vice City. The developers themselves traditionally don’t comment on fan suggestions.

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