Hugh Jackman is returning to the role of Fox in Deadpool 3.

Basically, you could tell by the actors’ mime.

Hugh Jackman continues to share details of his return to the role of Fox in Deadpool 3. On the Empire Film podcast, the actor commented on his character’s relationship with Deadpool, “It’s going to be tense.

According to Jackman, if ten is close friendship, then Foxy and Deadpool are at a solid zero.

Hugh Jackman is an actor.

Ten very close, and reality is zero, we’re at zero, we’re opposites, we hate each other. I think Logan’s disappointed in him, wants to be a million miles away from him or at least hit him over the head.

Unfortunately, in this movie, he can’t get a million miles away, so I’m probably gonna hit him a lot on the head.

The fact that Wolverine and Deadpool had a complicated relationship was also revealed by the actors’ pantomime, in which Jackman and Ryan Reynolds, who plays Deadpool, portrayed a violent fight.

In the same podcast, the actor confirmed that the events of Deadpool 3 take place before Logan, in which Wolverine is killed. Jackman previously explained that his character would appear in the Deadpool universe due to the launch of the Marvel Multiverse.

Deadpool 3 is set to premiere on November 8, 2024.

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