Inkulinati is set to be released on Xbox Series, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam, GOG).

Game Informer published a strategy video of Inkulinati, showing ten minutes of the gameplay.

The official description of the game:.

Inkulinati A medieval strategy based on ink drawing, and a rabbit’s tail can be more dangerous than a dog’s sword.

Take part in the tricky (and fun!) tactical duels of the Inkulinati. Embark on an amazing adventure, build your own bestiary, defeat medieval superstars and collect bonuses for using special abilities.

Master the art of animating ink, take up the pen and devise a unique strategy that will bring you the glory of the greatest of the Inkulinati masters!

  • The game Inkulinati is inspired by real medieval drawings. You’ll meet rabbits with swords, dogs with holes, hornets with butt-holes, snails with cannibalism, and many more. For seven hundred years, these bizarre drawings have been waiting for their moment. It’s time to bring them to life. You have no idea who I’m…
  • Inkulinati masters fight each other on the pages of medieval manuscripts. Their weapons are monsters painted with live ink. With this magical fluid, the paintings come to life and engage in an epic battle. Move your monsters around the battlefield, give them commands, tactically use obstacles and collect live ink to draw new monsters.
  • You’re in for a lot of deadly (and bizarre) monsters. Donkeys that blow their butts into the mountains, bishop cats that chase heretics away with prayer, slow but dangerous snails that eat warriors alive, and many more. You have no idea who. The monsters are just waiting for your team to use their special skills!
  • Use your fists to crush the enemy, draw obstacles in the enemy’s path, move fighters across the battlefield with a single flick of your finger, and blow up your troops to create panic. But remember, your opponent may respond in kind. Special actions by which the Inkulinati masters can alter the course of the battle.
  • Each Inkulinati master is led by an army of monsters with different skills, strengths and unfortunately weaknesses. Each battlefield is a distinct territory with its own dangers to be avoided and opportunities to be seized. Change tactics as needed. The outcome of a duel may or may not depend on which side you are on. You’ll have to be astute and change your tactics to defeat an enemy army in a new battlefield.
  • A one-man campaign. Uncover all the secrets of the secret society of the Inkulinati and face off against opponents such as Death and Dante Alighieri. Embark on a journey to see the world, fight the greatest inkulinati masters, tame wild monsters, raise a formidable army, save your master from certain death. It is indeed a Fire.
  • You will learn secret techniques for drawing new monsters and tricks to help you choose your army’s play style. You can play the role of a brave knight, bravely leading a loyal army into battle. Create and develop your character. Like any ambitious master of the Inkulinati, you’ll need a miniature alter ego. Then become a nun whose prayer can confuse the minds of your enemies and heal your servants. All this and more awaits you in the game come, draw, win. Express yourself!
  • Every battle has a story. To keep your battles in the memories of future generations, randomly generated text appears above the battlefield, describing dramatic (or humorous) events that have happened to you.
  • The local PVP battles. Inkulinati will take you back to the golden age of gaming and let you play with your friends on the same device.

Inkulinati is set to be released on Xbox Series, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam, GOG). No release date has been set. The game will be included in the Xbox Game Pass catalog (for consoles and PC).

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