Fractured Online has been removed from Gamigo’s website.

The early access MMORPG team Fractured Online announced that it is returning to so-called closed development mode as it is experiencing issues with its “outside backend platform”.

Last year Gamigo and Dynamight Studios announced that they would be the first MMORPG publisher, and earlier this year Fractured Online finally made it to Early Access. However, it seems that some issues have arisen and Fractured Online has been removed from Gamigo’s website.

Gamigo and Dynamight Studios have been working on Fractured Online for some time. The team says they had a problem with the “external backend platform” that manages the server infrastructure. The service is “responsible for the management of the game servers and should ensure smooth and stable operation for all players”

In an official Fractured Online discord, Dynamight spokesman Jacopo Galletti stated that while he knows the wording of the statement is “vague”, it is done for “legal reasons”.

Yakopo also dispelled the concerns at Discord that the problem was with the game engine, instead reiterating that it was with the platform, and if the problem was with the engine, the MMO would simply die on its own.

In a news release, the Dynamight team states that while this is taking resources away from part of the development team to work on a replacement platform, the rest of the team is continuing to develop the MMO as normal. The Fractured Online team promises that “as soon as the situation stabilizes”, a detailed roadmap for 2023 will be drawn up.

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