Midjourney Neural Network generates scenes from Diablo film adaptation.

Some of the skeletons are peculiar, but the barbarians are a sight.

We continue to monitor free “screenings” of popular games generated by neural networks. Following the Dark Souls film adaptation, the Midjourney Neural Network was asked to imagine what a Diablo film adaptation might look like.

At least once, an artificial intelligence went wrong, generating a more or less modern nun. Otherwise, the neural net has produced some pretty decent barbarians, witches, skeletons and necromancers. Diablo himself is here, and one of the barbarians looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Although the scenes are rich in detail, they’re all made by the AI itself. The query used to generate all the images was something like this:.

DVD screengrab of a scene from a Diablo 2 movie 1995–v 4.

The words used to describe the images, the author says, were zombie, necromancer, sword, battle, etc. or combinations thereof.

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