Derelicts is a post-apocalyptic open-world survival simulator.

The developer of the post-apocalyptic open-world survival simulator Derelicts has released a new gameplay trailer for the project. The author suggested that we play the audio before we watch. The video features the soundtrack of Victoria Zac.

The game takes place many years after the Earth has become uninhabitable due to radiation caused by an ancient mechanism. The main character is ordered to return to the planet and investigate the cause of the incident.

So he finds himself in a post-apocalyptic world that has little in common with what existed before the disaster. There are hostile mutants out there, and civilization is in ruins. The character must learn the basics of survival and complete the mission.

The game will feature both single player and cooperative modes. Also expected are a craft system, construction and pumping. With the resources he finds, the hero can build a safe house or all sorts of tools. In addition, as they progress, players will be able to find a dog that can become a faithful companion and helper.

Build wooden water channels and use pumps and pipes to transport logs to the sawmill and automate the production of planks. Explore the world and discover new ways to make tools and equipment to move forward“, the description says.

A release date for Derelicts has yet to be confirmed. Players can add their own project to the Steam and Epic Games Store.

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