Harrison Ford and Florence Pugh will star in Thunderbolts.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is about to enter Phase Five, which will begin with Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Mania, which will see the first appearance of Kang the Conqueror (Jonathan Majors).

There will be many projects that will take the MCU forward, but one of the most exciting projects is the Thunderbolts comic book. It is essentially Marvel’s answer to Suicide Squad and includes an all-star cast that includes Harrison Ford, Florence Pugh, Sebastian Stan and David Harbour.

Harbor is currently promoting a new Santa movie, Violent Night, and he’s revealed some important information about the next entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. During an interview with Gizmodo, the actor revealed that Thunderbirds is going to bomb the franchise.

This is gonna be fun. It’s going to be weird, it’s going to be spectacular. And we’re about to drop a bomb, which is cool.

Marvel Studios has revealed its plans for the next three years, announcing two new Avengers films. However, before these crossovers, we’re going to have Thunderbirds.

The film will be released in theaters on July 26, 2024.

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