“Risen from Hell” is not a remake, according to director David Bruckner.

According to director David Bruckner, the new “Risen from Hell” is not a remake.

The eleventh film in the “Rebels From Hell” franchise, released this year, rebooted the series of classic films. As director David Bruckner said, “This is not a remake”.

It’s not a remake. I just didn’t think it was possible to ever remake the original Risen from Hell. It’s too much of a one-man thing. And that would be, I think, dangerous territory for filmmakers, because how can you transcend that. This is a new story in the Risen from Hell universe.

” said Brunker to Entertainment Weekly .

Brunker’s project does not need to rely on the original 1987 film, as there is a primary source the novel The Hellbound Heart, which served as the source of the film from the very beginning.

David Bruckner’s “Rescue from Hell” has already been released digitally on Hulu.

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