Propaganda Inc. is free to play, but worth it.

Propaganda Inc. Clickers, which was released on PC on January 3. Meanwhile, the developers of Error300 Studio promise to release a mobile version, and foreign sites believed that the release on PC, iOS and Android will be synchronized.

Propaganda Inc. is free to play, but worth it. Players will be running Internet trolls and other populists with opinion leaders. Eventually, you’ll be able to hire a different security guard for each floor of the building. The developers don’t emphasize the gray “propaganda institute” as in the same Beholder.

So far, Propaganda Inc. has bugs, for example, one gamer’s project consumed 60% of all CPU power, although after a reboot, that figure dropped to 12% to then rise again. Other players note the monotony of the action, so it remains to enjoy the unusual design and achievements in Steam.

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