Christopher Judge made a very long speech at the Game Awards 2022.

The Game Awards 2022 was not only notable for its many interesting announcements and a case of a stranger coming on stage, but also for the performance of Christopher Judge, who made the audience listen to a very long speech during the presentation of one of the awards.

The actor who played Kratos in God of War: Ragnarok was awarded the Game Awards for Best Performance by an Actor, presented by Al Pacino himself. After the winner was announced, Judge took the stage and began giving a speech of thanks, which lasted 7 minutes and 59 seconds.

The Game Awards’ official Twitter account estimated that Judge’s speech length was on the verge of breaking the world record.

The longest speech in history was given by actress Greer Garson at The Oscars in 1942. Her speech lasted 5 minutes and 30 seconds.

At the moment, Judge’s achievement is not officially recorded in the Guinness Book of Records, but the TGA organizers hope that Guinness World Records will pay attention to it.

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