Source code for Rayman 4 was leaked on 4chan.

Once upon a time, Phoenix Interactive was working on Rayman 4 , a 3D platformer about the adventures of an invisible limb hero. However, the game was later cancelled, and its development became the basis for the spin-off Rayman Raving Rabbids. Looks like the Four’s source code leaked to the Net along with the level editor.

A user named RibShark tweeted some footage of the supposedly unfinished version of the game with the words: CHORT WASS, JUST WHAT RAYMAN 4 WAS. Earlier, a leaked 4chan post related to the canceled Rayman project RibShark may have taken the files from there. The original post is not available right now.

The leak could still be real. In one of the screenshots, the character is riding a spider. This feature can be seen in the trailer of the fourth part. According to RibShark, the ride mechanic in the pool is working. He also managed to find a level called Sphincter Cell which is a funny reference to the <b>Splinter Cell</b> series of stealth action games.

The version contains several test levels, one of which transfers the protagonist inside the robot rabbit. Rayman demonstrates the same techniques from the trailer, and also uses an early version of the vantuzomete, but in the video the weapon fires carrots.

Soon, other gamers were added to the pool. For example, RaymanForSmash found that a mascot could get a skin-free Rayman Legends in Rayman 4. The ZombieKiller video featured the same rabbits from the trailer. In Rayman Raving Rabbids and later projects, the earrings don’t look so scary anymore.

This is not the first time the Rayman community has been confronted with this. In 2017, series creator Michel Ancel found a working version of Rayman for the SNES, though the game was never released on the console only prototypes were ready.