SURV1V3 is a unique realistic zombie survival fps game specifically designed for VR.

In conjunction with the release of SURV1V3 on PlayStation VR, Candymakers released a trailer for the game. The game was previously released on the PC.

The official description of the game:.

Forget what you’ve played so far, SURV1V3 is a unique realistic zombie survival fps game specifically designed for VR that will allow you to test your survival skills. Experience a thrilling story in single player mode or team up with a friend (up to 2 players) and survive the apocalypse!

The first cases of V1V3 were reported on 14 November 2018, when its deadly effects spread worldwide. Day of infection is 407. Someone thinks that a cure can be found… shoot, run, hide, hack, play zombie, be smart, plan your actions and coordinate your actions with your teammates!

SURV1V3 this and more… from the infamous city of Santa Carlo, narrow rotting sewer pipes… endless scary scenarios, scary situations and challenging tasks, until you meet the mysterious man who may be able to save the world.

  • What it’s like to fight side by side with someone knowing your life depends on it, because you know you can’t do it alone. Can you find your way knowing that the right way means salvation and the wrong way means certain destruction? In SURV1V3, you’ll have a chance to face your answers, but you’re warned… the reality is frightening as hell!
  • Up to 2 players online. An unexpected collaborative and all-pervasive dynamic will occur as you experience this together with your friend, which will make the challenge even more exciting.
  • Huge free maps to move around. Huge and fully explorable levels, including many buildings that can be fully explored to collect loot, pushing the player to a non-linear approach to the gameplay.