The Chant from Canadian studio Brass Token exploits the developments of the original Alone in The Dark.

Small indie studios do more for the horror genre than many big-name publishers. These are projects that, without a huge budget or a team, are created with a love of detail and a real sense of horror. I’ve already admired Song of Horror and Tormented Souls, each of which has given fans of this genre a lot of original ideas. The Chant from Canadian studio Brass Token exploits the developments of the original Alone in The Dark, offering players a journey into the mysterious world of secret sects and sinister dimensions.

The main character of this story is Jess, who lost her sister in an accident many years ago. At the invitation of her best friend Maya, she travels to a remote island where a group of like-minded people try to find their own peace of mind. The mantra recitation, the barefoot walk, the prismatic ideology, and the collective spiritual practices all lead the girl to think of a cult. After a little exploration of the space and a conversation with the five members of the group, the important stage of the spiritual ceremony comes, which suddenly gets out of control. A portal opens, and the colorful prism-like pendants that hang around the necks of the adepts become the key to another dimension, which is called Darkness here.

The player tries to save each of the group members, while also getting another prismatic crystal while exploring the changing environment. The emergence of the twilight-like creature is mostly in the form of predatory plants, but it sometimes transforms into mutated cultists, giant frogs, spiders, and other bizarre creatures.

The prismatic crystals give the heroine special abilities, such as summoning swarms of dark creatures, black spikes and hands from the ground. In addition to prisms that consume spirit energy, you have at your disposal salts, jars of incense or holy oil, and three types of herbal wipes that expel evil spirits. Naturally, crafting all these useful but quickly-destroyed accessories would require herbs and numerous components hidden on levels in cabinets and chests.

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