“Born Again” is coming to Disney+.

We’re going to have a new series about the Hoghead in 2024. With its release, Marvel Studios will make a soft reboot of the Netflix show. “Born Again” is coming to Disney+, so many fans are worried that the show won’t be as brutal and brutal as Netflix was.

Charlie Cox, the lead actor, said the fans can relax. He says the show will be very dark, but not particularly bloody. The actor also noted that it’s important to keep the Sorrowhead’s image alive while attracting new audiences. But the character’s story and the dark surroundings are more mature:.

My opinion is that this character is best suited to a more mature audience. My gut tells me that the Disney+ show will be dark, but probably not as bloody. We have something that works well, but can we do it better and expand it somehow? Can we appeal to a younger audience without losing the essence of the story?

Charlie also stressed that if Born Again fails, it’s probably “the end”. What the actor means by this is unclear.

In addition to Cox, the show will also feature Vincent D’Onofrio, who will again play Wilson Fisk.

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