modders Shtivi and Bolmin Arthur have released a modification.

Break up the freelancer camp, deliver the goods and fight the law and the competing freelancers.

Becoming a self-driving car is not a problem in Red Dead Online, and thanks to modifications to the modders Shtivi and Bolmin Arthur can also become a bootlegger in Red Dead Redemption 2. Modders have released a modification that allows you to do self-chewing, like in Red Dead Online. The mode has exactly the same features as the online version.

Arthur will first have to help a drifter named Clint escape from a prison in Valentine, then choose a location on the map and set up camp. The camp can cook various types of samogin and deliver it.

We’ll also have to deal with the competition, track down and destroy the camp, and figure out a way to deal with the gang itself. You can download the modification here.