Overwatch 2 game director accidentally opens campaign map.

The gaming companies don’t like leaks very much. They spoil all the surprises and unravel the cards before they’re even in sight. It’s another thing when these leaks are made by the companies themselves. Blizzard almost had one of those the other day.

Recently, game director Aaron Keller was streaming with other Overwatch 2 developers. During the broadcast, the developers told the players about creating maps for the shooter. At one point, Keller opened the file, but it wasn’t what he was looking for. Aaron accidentally opened the Overwatch 2 campaign map, but he didn’t bring it up.

The developers made a joke of the situation and quickly forgot about it.

The shooter’s story campaign is set to launch in 2023. There’s no details about her. All we know is that the players will have to work together to fight the omnivores.

Overwatch 2 itself is available on all modern platforms.

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