Battle for Olympus will take place over the course of two weeks.

The developers of Overwatch 2 released the trailer for the Battle for Olympus, reminding that the temporary event will take place in a competitive shooter from January 5. The event is based on ancient Greek themes and is connected with the corresponding mythology.

Over the course of two weeks, Overwatch 2 fans will be able to choose one of seven heroes and take part in a “every man for himself” battle. The choice is between the Vulture Queen, Reinhardt, Turboswin, Farrah, Widow, Lucio or Ramatra. The abilities of the characters listed will be altered to accommodate additional abilities.

For example, the Widow of Doom will become a Gorgon Medusa and be able to turn enemies into stone, and the Queen of the Vultures will receive the power of the thunderbolt Zeus.

Based on the results of the Battle for Olympus, Blizzard will calculate the total number of kills on a particular hero and award the winner with a statue on the Ilios map. In addition, players will receive some “divine rewards”.

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