Toby Maguire hosted a Reddit Q&A session.

Talking about his new film was not very interesting for the actor.

As part of the “Babylon” promotional campaign, actor Toby Maguire hosted a Reddit Q&A session. Almost all of the questions Toby answered were about his other films, about Spider-Man.

Here ‘s what we learned from the actor ‘s answers:.

  • From the set of Spider-Man films, Maguire took two of his hero’s costumes: red and black.
  • Toby likes a lot of artists, but he especially likes The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Frank Ocean, Kendrick Lamar, Radiohead and Rage Against the Machine.
  • One day, Toby was mistaken for Elijah Wood and asked for an autograph. No problem: the actor did not disappoint the fan and signed Elijah.
  • Toby knows about those Spider-Man 3 memes and he doesn’t mind. He even watched the Bully Maguire video. It’s the same dance, the actor jokes, he does every morning.
  • Toby has a lot of favorite superheroes. They include Batman, Superman, the Hulk, Iron Man, a few Jedi, Fox. Spider-Man is on the list, too.
  • Maguire once worked with a live alligator. It’s an exciting experience.
  • Toby loves both of his successors as Spider-Man.
  • Maguire is a regular reader of the raimimemes sub-edit devoted to the films of Sam Raimi.
  • Perhaps the greatest movie Toby ever made was Soldiers of Misfortune. At least that’s what Kate Winslet thinks.
  • The main achievement for Maguire is the MTV award for Best Kiss.

And Toby loved playing Babylon. He had a really good character.