Gamers have access to an arsenal of tools that will allow them to try out the role of a virtual photographer.

With patch 3.0 God of War: Ragnarök finally added a photo mode. No more having to capture subtitles to make a beautiful shot. Sony Santa Monica also fixed many bugs and worked on the stability of the game.

Gamers can tilt the camera, change the focal length, apply filters, remove unnecessary characters from the frame, and more. The list includes not only Kratos and Atreus, but also Freya, Brock, Sindri, Thur, Angrbod, Thor and Throod.

This feature will be the last content addition for God of War: Ragnarök. Earlier, the game’s executive Eric Williams assured the community that the studio has no plans to release DLC. But the world should see the series on the franchise it will be broadcast on Amazon Prime Video.

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