Intel’s new Raptor Lake processors are only officially coming out in January.

But in this mode, the CPU would need a good cooling system.

Intel’s new Raptor Lake processors, which are only officially coming out in January, are already available in Asia. Overclocker Alva Jonathan tested the Intel Core i5-13500 and concluded that the chip could compete with the previous generation Core i5-12600K and Core i7-12700K.

And here’s the story: Leaked specs and pricing of the new Intel Raptor Lake processor.

The new processor shows Core i5-12600K performance (tested in Cinebench R23) already out of the box. To reach the Core i7-12700K level, you’ll need to activate the maximum power mode.

This mode is included in the BIOS of the motherboard, in the tested processor it allowed to reach a frequency of 3.5 GHz on E-cores and 4.5 GHz on P-cores.

In the maximum power mode, the processor’s TDP increases from 65 watts to 154 watts. Overclocking emphasizes that a standard cooler won’t do; Jonathan recommends using the Thermalright TA120 EX or the ID-Cooling SE-224XT.

Another important point: for the processor, you should take the motherboard on the B660 chip. The chip will work on the H610, but in this case, the maximum power is better to forget.

Apparently, the overclocker concludes, the Intel Core i5-13500 has a chance to overtake the Intel Core i5-13600K in the race for the title of the most successful processor of the year.

It is expected that official sales of the new Intel processors will start in early 2023.

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