The new animated series is set in the future after The Legend of Korra.

It’s happening now. Avatar Studios is working on the next Avatar, which will follow the story of Aang and Korra.

According to Avatar News, the new animated series, which is set in the future after The Legend of Korra, is about the Avatar of Earth. It will premiere at Paramount+ in 2025.

An animated film about this avatar and their era will be released in theaters a few years after the show’s release. There’s no exact release date yet, but we’ll have to wait.

At present, it’s uncertain how far into the future events will take place, but it’s likely to be about 100 years after Corra’s time. In the Avatar world, time is equivalent to our world today.

It is worth noting that the film about the adult Aang will be released in cinemas on October 10, 2025. It is currently being hinted that this cartoon is the first project of Avatar Studios, which means that the series will be released at the end of the year, probably in November or December 2025.

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