A demo-prototype of the game in 1995 has been leaked online.

The Prey series has an incredibly strange and sad history. The franchise is truly a victim of the video game industry. Development of the first part began in the mid-90s, then the game was towed, the game changed engines, the concept and 2006 finally reached the release.

But after that, the franchise had other problems: the sequel also failed in production, and then was canceled altogether. In 2017, Arkane released Prey, which is only associated with the original game in the title, and the French studio did not want the shooter to have such a title until the last.

Bethesda made Arkane name Prey that way.

Now players can get acquainted with the demo-prototype of the game in 1995. It’s leaked online and available for download by anyone who wants it. It’s got very little content: one big level with no gameplay. However, even this content will be of interest to those who love the history of video games.

At the moment, only the 2017 Prey is officially available. There’s not even a 2006 shooter on GOG.

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